Thursday, July 15, 2010

R.I.P. Vonetta McGee

American Actress-Classic Beauty
Vonetta McGee


  1. OK Divamom! I saw this post on Friday from work on my break and I've been dying to comment! I was gone this weekend and just got back, anyway, I MET VONETTA A FEW TIMES! SHE WAS so Beautiful and I met her hubby, Carl Lumbly too ... this is when they were engaged -and can I just say, what a hunk-a-hunka burning love ... he was soooooo elegant and manly. Anyway, she was very good friends with the receptionist at the lawfirm I worked at for 15 years. Lela was our receptionist and did a lot of extra work and bit part acting in the 1970's and she was actually in Blacula! And that's how she met Vonetta. Anyway, Vonetta was BEAUTIFUL in person and the first time I met her she didn't have on a stitch of makeup. Very nice, very happy ... I COULD NOT believe she passed away!!!! She was so young!!! These 65 is still so young ... so sad.

  2. OMG! I didn't know she passed away. Bless her heart. She was gorgeous! But one thing, that middle pic is not Vonetta McGee. It's Tamara Dobson. She played "Christy Love" back in the day. She stood over 6 ft and was a real stunner. Sadly, she too has joined the ancestors a few years ago.

  3. Thank you for reminding me I didn't delete that picture. When I was looking for some of Vonetta, that one came up. I liked it, but didn't mean to download into this post. Always good to have another set of eyes. But now that it's done-i'll keep it here as tribute to Ms. Dobson also.

  4. Serious correction:
    Tamara Dobson is in the middle and she did not play Christie Love -
    Christie Love was played by Teresa Graves...
    all three R.I.P.