Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Eggs

I remember growing up our family would boil and dye eggs for Easter.  We'd get the kit from the store and spend the afternoon enjoying the colors and the mess we'd inevitably create.  My brothers, sister, and I couldn't wait for the hunt and who would find the chocolate egg.  That was then-this is now.  We never saw eggs like this back in the day.


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My daughter, Mini-Me, played Middle School League Basketball this season.  I posted here when they won the game that took them to the Final Four.  I forgot to update you on how they did.  The Smashers in a nail-biter won their game, and on Thursday, the 25th of March, they beat the hard fighting team led by Coach Gladstone (don't know the team's nickname-forgive me) to win the championship for the Main Line Girls Basketball Association (MLGBA) (in their age group-of course)!

Mini-Me didn't do it alone.  Although she's the only one pictured here (didn't want to post all the girls without permission), she played with an incredible group of girls.  They "jelled" early in the season and didn't look back.  I credit that to Coach Steve, and Coach Eric who managed to take girls of different skill levels and utilized their strengths to create a team that not only won, but more importantly, had a lot of fun.

We (the fabulous and sometimes obnoxious parents) all looked forward to Saturday/Sunday afternoons when the Smashers played ball.  The girls never gave up even when they were getting pummeled, and they ALWAYS displayed great teamwork and even greater sportsmanship.  I think this experience has served them well, but will stay with them as they really start forging bonds of friendship and not the middle school "cliques" that we as women know all too well!!!!!

Good job and congratulations ladies!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the Name of Phoebe

Amy Ferris has a great blog, Marrying George Clooney.  She very simply states a small but powerful thing you can do to start changing the world.  This is in the wake of the arrests that arose from the suicide death of Phoebe Prince.  Check out Amy on the subject here.

Another interesting psychological perspective on bullying here.

For Debbie


The smile dreams are made of.

Questions to Ponder, Part 3

I'm still trying to get used to this whole blogging thing.  I never remember to come back and update.  This takes an extraordinary amount of time and well......This brings me back to the lenten season.  For all my good intentions, I have not lived up to any of the things (which I didn't verbalize here) I wanted to during this time.  I haven't spent as much time in my formal prayer life as I vowed to do.  Mind you, I talk to God all the time, but I wanted to be able to spend time humbling myself on my knees every morning and night rather than these chats that I carry on throughout the day.  It's nothing wrong with those chats, God welcomes fellowship with him in any form, but it was just something I wanted to do, and just didn't.  Now he'll forgive me for that.  The beauty of this season is that it's a reminder that God is a loving God, and he'll forgive ANYTHING, and for that I am grateful.

But that's just one of the things I didn't do and I've been sorta beating myself up for it.  So.....I've asked God to forgive me for not living up to the standards I set for myself, and I thanked him for allowing me to RECOGNIZE the areas where I have fallen short, and I have (and will continue) to ask for more strength to do the things I need to do in my quest to become a better wife, mother, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, in-law, and any other hat I wear that I didn't mention.

How about you?  Did you make any sacrifices symbolizing God's sacrifice this season for us?  How'd you do?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cherry Blossom Time

Between March 27 and April 11, Washington D.C. celebrates the 3,000 Cherry Blossom Trees gifted by the Japanese in 1912.  An additional 3,800 were accepted by First Lady Lady Byrd Johnson in 1965, and if you have never experienced the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom, then I wish it for you to have.

The Japanese gave the gift that keeps on giving.  Enjoy a different look on the Cherry Blossom .

The Gentle Blossom.



The Creative Blossom.

The Whimsical Petals.

The Coconut Blossom.

The Yummy Blossom.

The Mystical Blossom.

The Sexy Blossom.

The Original.

The Stormy Blossom.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Historic Health Care Reform Bill

Credit: Getty Images/AP/Reuters/The White House

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For No Particular Reason

Maybe just because I have long-black-beautiful-legs that are NOT shod in Louboutin.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Go Smashers!

It's still March Madness in Philadelphia.  Temple and Villanova went down, but the Smashers Girls Team is still alive!  After a nail biter this weekend, the Final Four is set, and my mini-me is on one of the teams.  Check her out!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Flawless Friday

Turn up your speakers and enjoy your weekend!
It doesn't get any better than this.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Target-Zac Posen

Needless to say how much I love Target. They've done it again! Zac Posen's designs are coming to Target April 25th.  Love the tropical print above.  I believe the model is Alfre Woodard's daughter, Mavis.  She looks gorgeously familiar so now I've go some work to do.  It's going to bug me until I find out! 

The short trumpet dress on the left is patterned after the dress that was worn by Naomi Cambpell and Posen's career took off! "That was the dress that started my business . . . it's flirtatious and fun, but it has a punk, tough quality too." -- Zac Posen

UPDATE:  The model above IS lovely 18 year old Mavis Spencer, the daughter of Alfre Woodard and writer/producer Roderick Spencer.  She's an upcoming student at Columbia University and the 2010 Miss Golden Globe.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day-2010

After a long miserable winter, the East Coast is having a warm spring day.  Grab some music and get outside!

I added the pink in honor of my sands, 26 years ago today!  Love you all.

Friday, March 12, 2010

More on Desiree

The New York Times offered more insight yesterday in an article about former White House Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers.  It's a fascinating article that underscores a known fact:  Friends don't work for Friends.  I'm just sad that her tenure ended the way it did.  She brought another facet of glamour and curiosity to the White House.  Uh-Oh, that's what the problem was huh?  There can only be ONE in the White House.  Letitia Baldrige never out shined the First Lady did she?  A toast to Ms. Rogers-DC is tough.

No Flawlessness Today

I've got other things on my mind.  Liberty of London's collaboration with Target is launching in two days.  Come Sunday, March 14th, every Target star will be filled with Liberty of London's flowery goods.  Nothing is spared either.  Men, women, kids, furnishings-everything will be spring infused with the British company's signature prints.  I can't wait to see the entire collection!  Like I really need an excuse to go to Target!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DVR ALERT: VH1's Rock Docs Airs Soul Train

Tomorrow morning (12:30 AM) Vh1 is airing Rock Docs-Featuring Soul Train-The Hippest Trip in America. The documentary is to commemorate Soul Train's 40th Anniversary. It's a DO NOT MISS. You will absolutely love this historical trip down memory lane. It's worth a look for the back-story alone, but stay with it for the fashion and dancing! Passage on the first train not required-kids/teens will enjoy watching this too! I repeat-It's a DO NOT MISS. Check below other air dates:

Wednesday, March 17
11:30 PM ET/PT ON VH1

Friday, March 19
3:00 AM ET/PT ON VH1

Monday, March 8, 2010

Best/Worst Oscar 2010

There were many beautiful gowns on the red carpet last night at the Academy Awards, but they were lackluster for the most part.  Meryl Streep (in Chris March-Project Runway alum), and Helen Mirren (in Badgley Mischka) looked incredible.  Oprah sparkled in Carolina Herrera, she really looked fantastic.  I believe I'll start calling that color, "Hattie McDaniel Blue".  Oscar Winner Mo'Nique looked great, even though her dress was nothing memorable.  Ditto for the Queen (Latifah).  Sandra Bullock (in Marchesa) on the carpet caught my eye until the camera panned down on the entire gown-it was just too much shine and shimmer-gave it a cheesy look.  Mariah Carey just always looks a mess!  All that being said, here is my Best/Worst of the night.  Sorry Zoe (my girl crush).

Best Dressed: Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore (#1 Look)

Worst Dressed:  Charlize Theron, Diane Kruger, Zoe Saldana

  This could have been a disaster but...Gaborey Sidibe looks marvelous!

 Much Improved over the Pole
Miley Cyrus

Oprah Winfrey, elegant in "Hattie McDaniel Blue" designed by Carolina Herrera.

Finally, the Emperor's New Clothes Award goes to Sarah Jessica Parker. All night long I heard how fabulous she looked in the yellow silk Chanel. I don't see it.  Check out the detailing below her butt.  It looks like someone left the security tag on. This was a horrible choice.