Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fashionable FLOTUS?

Michelle Obama can do no wrong according to fashionistas everywhere. Yesterday was her time. I'll be curious to see what the buzz is on this dress. Anyone who honestly feels this was an appropriate choice, probably was the stylist for The Emperors New Clothes. The occasion was the funeral services for Sargent Shriver held in DC yesterday. Mrs. O is dressed to visit an area elementary school. Total fail. What do you think?

Getty Images


  1. I don't know???? I don't think it's bad necessarily, but I LOVE HER so, NO. However, did you see her the other night when the Chinese President was at the white house in the glorious red dress? BEYOOOTIFUL.


  2. Yes I did and she was beyond beautiful as usual, which was all the more reason this dress struck the wrong note with me. I should have been more balanced, but I'm not a reporter, so I can say what I want(smile).

  3. Michelle Obama as a fashion icon is vastly overstated.