Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Bonnet

Nobody does a hat like the Queen!

Except Princess Grace Kelly
From the upcoming Grace Kelly exhibition at the V and A Museum.
(Images Copyright: Consulate General of Monaco, New York)

I used to wonder when I was younger if there was a store that only the sisters of the church would know about to go and purchase their hats for Sunday service.  To this day I keep wondering when one of them will pull me aside and finally tell me where they go for their "interesting" millinery.  Then I wonder if I'll wake up one day and actually feel like I'm finally ready to be wearing one and then go look for them on my own!

I think if I start wearing hats to church, it'll be more Kentucky Derby chic vs. church elder style.  And trust me-/I'm not ready to be a church elder just yet!

At any rate, sisters don't wait until Easter to bring it with the millinery, but I suspect I may see some over the top finery this weekend anyway.  And the one thing I know, those hats will be worn with elegance, style and pride.

Happy Easter!

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