Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Soul Train on DVD

If you STILL missed Rock Docs on VH1:

TimeLife has the Best of Soul Train on DVD. It's an 8 boxed set with a bonus DVD of the first ever airing of the Soul Train Music Awards. It retails for $149.95 (ouch).  Sample the fun below.


  1. Diva Mom! You and I must be psychically connected! I was going to do a Soul Train blog because just this weekend they had a special on VH1 about Don Cornelius and the Soul Train!!!!! I watched it all by myself in my bedroom and my God did it take me back. Your clips are amazing. I saw Luther Vandross twice here in L.A. The most amazing show I've ever seen ... his background singers were fabulous. I saw Patti LaBelle with him also - her voice was truly from God I have never heard anything so amazing and big in my life. I'm gonna have to get this DVD collection.