Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Michael Memory I

First of all, if you read the post yesterday, click it again and read my footnote.
Kids will keep you honest!

Anyway, the year is 1984 and I was listening to the six o'clock news.  Renee Poussaint (a DC news anchor) was reading the evening's headlines and top of the list was that tickets for the Jacksons Victory Tour were going on sale the next morning.  Up until that point, news of the concert didn't phase me, but for some reason, I felt a big pull to try to get tickets.  I called my girl ZEN  to see if she wanted to camp out in front of RFK Stadium in DC to get tickets.  She couldn't make it, but that didn't stop me.  I grabbed a lawn chair and hopped in the car.  I was anxious the entire ride down thinking that I would be in a long line that had already formed.

I was totally alone at RFK Stadium!  As the evening wore on, people started coming with food, blankets, and music.  We all looked out for each other for bathroom breaks and the like, but we all knew the coveted prize was going to me!  First in line-front row seats!  And to make it even sweeter, each person was limited to 10 tickets apiece and I only needed 4.  I sold my right to buy for $100, so I made $600 that night.  When the box office opened up the next morning, the television cameras were there and filmed me buying the very first tickets for the Jackson Victory Tour.  I recorded the news later in the day, and I still have the tape somewhere (granted it's on a Beta tape).  Look it up youngin's if you don't know what a Betamax is, or should I say-was. 

Details from the concert tomorrow!

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