Friday, May 7, 2010

Flawless Friday

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend, ZEN.  I'm doing this in a big way because I have forgotten her birthday damn near every year since we've known each other (26 years) and I always promise to do something to help me remember, and here it is-a blog entry.  Isn't she gorgeous?  (She just screamed by the way).

She is a fiercely loyal "front" (sorority speak), a wonderful wife, mother, sister, etc...  ZEN has a wicked sense of humor (key to staying young and young at heart), and she takes enormously good care of those she loves.

She's been around through thick and thin, marriage/divorce, and marriage again, babies, trials, tribulations, and triumphs.  ZEN is so much fun to be around-her laughter is contagious and she's just plain cool.  This southern belle is ever the lady (i'm the catty one).  We've grown up together and I can say she is one of the best friends a girl could ask for and i'm honored she's my friend and i'm her "back". 

I haven't told anyone about this blog except her. I figured if someone found my ramblings, then cool. ZEN "got it", she knew why I needed to do this, and she's been nothing but encouraging and supportive.  Little did she know she ran the risk of being put on blast like this.

Why do I call her ZEN? She is a certified yoga instructor and I mean-she's been all through India and sh*t doing her Namaste thing, gone into the hills to meditate and such, but when she came down...she got her certification, and she's the best there is!  People swear by her.  BTW-the yoga thing is her ACT II and i'm proud she found it.  I can put you in touch if you're looking for the best.  
And finally......she still rocks a bikini and looks damn good doing it!!!

If you see her today-wish her a Happy Birthday and tell her she is loved.

Thanks to MGM for the pics.
TMH-I love you too-but I remember your bday every year!


  1. Tracey Chambers McKnightMay 7, 2010 at 8:33 AM

    Happy Birthday Cherise! Wow, another year to celebrate, love, and simply enjoy life.

    Love ya,

  2. Happy Birthday my dear soror. I love you bunches and you are a cherished person in my life. Your gift of laughter is contagious. Enjoy your most special day! La Detra

  3. Good friends are hard to find...seems like you've got a good one. Happy Birthday Zen!


  4. Happy Birthday Cherisse...enjoy the moment!



  5. Happy Birthday Cherisse

    I'm glad Terri thought about doing this because I too sometimes forget your birthday. Be blessed and enjoy your day.

    Love ya,

  6. Hey Cherisse,
    Happy Birthay. You look Great. I can't believe it's been 25+ years since the Howard Days.
    Take care and God Bless.

    Linda Brown Belle

  7. Happy Birthday Honey!



  8. Happy Birthday Cherisse!
    I've finally gotten the date correct in my mind, but I'm somewhat happy to know I wasn't alone in getting it twisted for years. I agree with all that Terri has said about you. You're a wonderful friend and I'm glad we can call each other "friend".
    I love you....Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Cherisse!

    You and Terri are gonna make me cry! There's nothing like a sands!

    I love you both,

    Your Dean

  10. Happy Birthday Girl!!!! Love YOU! Millie

  11. Hell, I don't even know when MY birthday is, but I hope you had a fantastic one and you know I LOVE YOU, Girl : )

    Benedette S.Y. Wright : )