Thursday, June 24, 2010

Michael Memory III

Front row seats-Jackson Victory Tour!!

Zen and I were having such a great time at the show.  We were hollering and screaming like little girls.  I firmly believe that you always have the most fun when you don't give a damn.  We didn't give a damn.  At one point I made eye contact with Randy Jackson (who cares it was Randy-right), and we were having this intense stare down while he was performing.  For some reason I didn't feel that connection anymore and I followed his eyes that had moved ever so slightly.  I'll be damned if Zen wasn't having stare sex with him too!  We never laughed so hard in our lives.  And yes I know this is a picture of Marlon with Mike-work with me ok?

Anyway they were performing as the Jackson 5 and although were loving it-it was time for Mike solo.  He didn't disappoint.  Michael Jackson is the ultimate show-man.  As he performed Billie Jean, there was anticipation for his signature choreography and then all of a sudden......Michael REALLY made eye contact with me, and the next thing I know...

The Billie Jean hat went right into my hands! 

The Black Fedora came from Hats in the Belfry in Georgetown.
The white silk lining was wet with Michael Jackson's sweat and Jerri Curl juice.
I put it on my head for a split second so my head could be where his was and then protected it like a newborn until I got it home.
Sigh.  I love Michael Jackson.
He was my wallpaper growing up and he entertained me his entire life.
I can't believe he's gone-much less gone a year.

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  1. OMG!! you really have MJ's fedora?! thats amazing... i wish i had an opportunity to see him in concert or in person. in many ways he was only a man "inside" the tv, its almost as if he wasn't real, but i'm a huge fan nevertheless