Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All Right, Mr. DeMille, I'm NOT Ready for my Close-Up!!!!

My family doesn't have a lot of pictures of me. I don't like taking pictures. I don't like the way I look in them. When I turned 30 I promised myself I was going to get one hot picture of myself. Perfectly styled and groomed, and it would be just spectacular. Didn't happen. I should have been clearer-that was close to twenty years ago (see comment section)! Now I do have pictures of me and my family scattered about, but when the camera shows up, I usually offer to take the shot instead of be in it. Now I'm faced with the task of putting up a picture for my blog. I'm not ready to show the world my face. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm not the worst looking person in the world. In fact, I'm blessed. But not quite ready for my close up. I've decided to use my personal symbol, the Aya or fern to go in that little square as my identity. When I actually pasted in the African version, I didn't like it. Looked like a fish bone. Even with a symbol, you can see I have vanity issues. I'm going to start the search for something else or maybe get a picture taken, but until I do, tell me if you like this one. Not to ethnic, not too leafy, just right for right now.


  1. Okay Diva mom - post your picture! Find a really good one and post it. That's what I did. You're in your prime and only 30, I'm now in mhy 50's and I had to REALLY search for a good pic. I really don't like taking pictures anymore. I used to love to be photographed ... but that was long ago when I was young and beautiful LOL!


  2. Don't wish 30 on me again-been there done that. I know too much to turn back. When i'm ready (i.e.-great photographer)-i'll reveal!

  3. Diva mom, symbols are fine but no substitute for your actual picture. And I'm sure you know that I have an ample supply of suitable photographs.

  4. Are you saying you look like a leaf...all green, vainy and slender? Or is it a symbolic thing...natural, organic and slender? Either way...your slender...HA!


    ps. i'm gonna be a follower..follow me and be one too!