Thursday, February 11, 2010


I can't believe this mess. I am so sick of the snow. If i'm not looking at it, i'm thinking about shoveling it, salting it, getting around in it, and checking to see how my parents are making out in it (they still live in the DMV area). It's stressful for us here in Philadelphia, but you know they're stressing in DC. Employees at a Safeway in NW left the lights on, the doors open, and they were gone!

Mayor Nutter did a good job up here, but Mayor Fenty is really taking a beating about the city's response to the blizzard. I don't know why anyone is surprised because I can't thing of a time growing up that the District was EVER really prepared for the snow. At some point someone down there will realize that even though they're below the Mason-Dixon line, they are a Mid-Atlantic state and not the "true" South. There will be snow.

Anyway, lucky for me I have two little helpers, but they're too busy worrying about making money rather than helping us out of the igloo. When we finally decided it was time to brave the mess, the kids were gone-with the shovels!!! By the time they got back, the snow was hardening, and they were tired. Guess what?? So what!! I had to pull a little old school tough love and had them out there sweating, but we're all clear and all is right again in the world until....

My next door neighbor paid the kids to clean out her driveway. She got her car out a quarter way down the alley and got stuck. Know what she did? She gave my ELEVEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER her car keys and left. Said she had an appointment she couldn't miss. Has this woman lost her damn mind? At the very least she could have knocked on our door and asked an ADULT to help her out of her jam.

My husband and two other men in the neighborhood went out back and dug her out so the car could get back up into her driveway. As of this writing, she hasn't come back, we still have her car keys and a bill! Trust Me, she will pay for that foolishness. I have never heard anything like that in my life.

If there is any explanation she can give that makes sense, i'll let you know.

Shovel safely everybody-remember, you can't get through the snow make it to the Emergency Room.

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