Thursday, February 18, 2010

Davis Wins the Gold

I don't normally care for the Winter Olympics. I don't really identify with cold weather sports. Don't ski, don't ice skate, and I REALLY don't understand that "sport" that looks like a shuffleboard game on ice, Curling. But I normally watch the ice skating competitions, and this year skiing because "they" pumped up Lindsay Vonn so heavy but that's another story and I'm trying to keep a no-hate zone here. Anyway, when I normally hear about speed skating, it's all about Apollo Anton Ohno, but we keep track of our "own" and got in late last night hoping we hadn't missed Shani Davis compete. Davis won the Gold Medal in the 1,000 meter skate. It's the first time an athlete has won the Gold in that event two times in a row. It was heartwarming when NBC cut to a shot showing the kids from the Fort Dupont Ice Arena in Southeast DC's reaction when he won. Davis inspired the DC Inner City Excellence Program (DC-ICE). The program offers programs relating to Academics/Athletics, the Eastern Arts (Yoga), Nature (they are located in Fort Dupont Park), and also mentoring and life skills programs. The rink offers public skating as well as lessons in figure, speed skating and ice hockey. If you want more information hit up the Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena website here. I'm working on my linking skills-if the link doesn't work-do it yourself until I master it ok?

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