Monday, February 22, 2010

Fabulous Over A Certain Age

I have been anonymously reading this blog since it's inception last year. Mind you-i'm not fifty yet, but I have decided to start REALLY reconciling my head with my body/face. They say God gives what you need-right when you need it. Here's what he sent me:

  1. The "Payback" Flash: An "ex" family member had raging hot-flashes. I mean the kind where you're fanning like the ladies in church coupled with the loud whooping noises. My fabulously arrogant thirty something self said to my husband in annoyance one day that she should stop making all that noise. If nothing else, she's going to remind her husband how old she is. There's alot of noise coming from my bedroom at night these days, but you get three guesses the majority cause. The Lord remembered my cattiness, thus, the "Payback Flash".
  2. Sade: Thank you Lord for reminding me that the older you get, the better you get, nor does your talent disappear.
  3. The most wonderful supportive friend in the world, who we'll call ZEN. She encouraged me to just keep up with this blogging thing until I figure out exactly what I want to do and what that looks like. She also recommended the 21-Day Oprah cleanse, but adding structured mediation and exercises seems like a chore right now. She's actually in the first stages of talking to me about Integral Hatha Yoga. She recently received her certification in this yoga style. The yoga instruction is really her Act II coming from corporate America. She really followed through with her passion and now has CLIENTS!!!! Bravo to my girl ZEN. Another bonus besides doing what she loves? She's able to maintain her ideal weight, which ironically is my ideal weight, but I never got there.
  4. Recent blogposts from Faboverfifty. The past week, I've been reading a very honest and informative account of a fifty something woman named Geri who undergoes what she calls "surgery light". I won't recap it here, but what I will tell you that it must take TREMENDOUS courage to go in front of the world vulnerable with your flaws (real or perceived). I finally came out the closet a few days ago to give her a "Bravo". Check out her journey. PS-Put the doctor's number in your Blackberry (i'm just sayin-you never know).
Once again-thank you Lord-for reminding me I don't have to fight middle age and all her "gifts", there is motivation, inspiration, and great plastic surgeons out there to help me through.

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  1. When I turned 50 it was such a momentous occasion. It was really amazing and empowering. Sounds corny, but it really is so true. When you turn 50 you must have a big party with all your loved ones around you and celebrate!! Thirty was fun and fabulous, I LOVED my 40's and though once we reach our 50's we start to look like it, the wisdom and life experience you have gained is irreplaceable.