Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My daughter, Mini-Me, played Middle School League Basketball this season.  I posted here when they won the game that took them to the Final Four.  I forgot to update you on how they did.  The Smashers in a nail-biter won their game, and on Thursday, the 25th of March, they beat the hard fighting team led by Coach Gladstone (don't know the team's nickname-forgive me) to win the championship for the Main Line Girls Basketball Association (MLGBA) (in their age group-of course)!

Mini-Me didn't do it alone.  Although she's the only one pictured here (didn't want to post all the girls without permission), she played with an incredible group of girls.  They "jelled" early in the season and didn't look back.  I credit that to Coach Steve, and Coach Eric who managed to take girls of different skill levels and utilized their strengths to create a team that not only won, but more importantly, had a lot of fun.

We (the fabulous and sometimes obnoxious parents) all looked forward to Saturday/Sunday afternoons when the Smashers played ball.  The girls never gave up even when they were getting pummeled, and they ALWAYS displayed great teamwork and even greater sportsmanship.  I think this experience has served them well, but will stay with them as they really start forging bonds of friendship and not the middle school "cliques" that we as women know all too well!!!!!

Good job and congratulations ladies!

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