Monday, March 8, 2010

Best/Worst Oscar 2010

There were many beautiful gowns on the red carpet last night at the Academy Awards, but they were lackluster for the most part.  Meryl Streep (in Chris March-Project Runway alum), and Helen Mirren (in Badgley Mischka) looked incredible.  Oprah sparkled in Carolina Herrera, she really looked fantastic.  I believe I'll start calling that color, "Hattie McDaniel Blue".  Oscar Winner Mo'Nique looked great, even though her dress was nothing memorable.  Ditto for the Queen (Latifah).  Sandra Bullock (in Marchesa) on the carpet caught my eye until the camera panned down on the entire gown-it was just too much shine and shimmer-gave it a cheesy look.  Mariah Carey just always looks a mess!  All that being said, here is my Best/Worst of the night.  Sorry Zoe (my girl crush).

Best Dressed: Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore (#1 Look)

Worst Dressed:  Charlize Theron, Diane Kruger, Zoe Saldana

  This could have been a disaster but...Gaborey Sidibe looks marvelous!

 Much Improved over the Pole
Miley Cyrus

Oprah Winfrey, elegant in "Hattie McDaniel Blue" designed by Carolina Herrera.

Finally, the Emperor's New Clothes Award goes to Sarah Jessica Parker. All night long I heard how fabulous she looked in the yellow silk Chanel. I don't see it.  Check out the detailing below her butt.  It looks like someone left the security tag on. This was a horrible choice.

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  1. Hey there! yes - I loved oprah's gown. it was a beautiful navy blue ... she always looks fabulous. but i loved sarah jessica parker's gown! loved it! it was different. I'm with you ... i agree with your best dressed choices. everyone else was just okay. and i thought mo'nique could have worn something with a little more pizazz. She was a nominee for crying out loud! i think something gold would have looked really beautiful on her.