Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Questions to Ponder, Part 3

I'm still trying to get used to this whole blogging thing.  I never remember to come back and update.  This takes an extraordinary amount of time and well......This brings me back to the lenten season.  For all my good intentions, I have not lived up to any of the things (which I didn't verbalize here) I wanted to during this time.  I haven't spent as much time in my formal prayer life as I vowed to do.  Mind you, I talk to God all the time, but I wanted to be able to spend time humbling myself on my knees every morning and night rather than these chats that I carry on throughout the day.  It's nothing wrong with those chats, God welcomes fellowship with him in any form, but it was just something I wanted to do, and just didn't.  Now he'll forgive me for that.  The beauty of this season is that it's a reminder that God is a loving God, and he'll forgive ANYTHING, and for that I am grateful.

But that's just one of the things I didn't do and I've been sorta beating myself up for it.  So.....I've asked God to forgive me for not living up to the standards I set for myself, and I thanked him for allowing me to RECOGNIZE the areas where I have fallen short, and I have (and will continue) to ask for more strength to do the things I need to do in my quest to become a better wife, mother, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, in-law, and any other hat I wear that I didn't mention.

How about you?  Did you make any sacrifices symbolizing God's sacrifice this season for us?  How'd you do?

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  1. Well, I went to church on Ash Wednesday. That's about it. I feel just like you ... I speak to God every day, I READ all the time, my Bible, spiritual books and spend time pondering the meaning of life ... however I do feel that I need to spend more time on my knees, as you so aptly put it in you post. Check out my blog ... I posted something I read that was sooooooo beautiful I wanted to share it with everyone.

    Don't beat yourself up. You obviously are capable of examining yourself honestly ... which is already an indication of the quality person you are.



    Mrs. Obama ... (in my dreams) LOL!