Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the Name of Phoebe

Amy Ferris has a great blog, Marrying George Clooney.  She very simply states a small but powerful thing you can do to start changing the world.  This is in the wake of the arrests that arose from the suicide death of Phoebe Prince.  Check out Amy on the subject here.

Another interesting psychological perspective on bullying here.


  1. It's so tragic that this young lady had to lose her life by being pushed to the edge. Not too long ago Oprah did a show on this very same topic and of course it all boils down to how these kids are being raised in the home. Many children are not being owned and loved authentically and whilst some become introverts some lash out and create a crowd mentality of people who intimidate.

    My prayers are with her family. She as all young people had so much promise.

  2. I was bullied in school ... I think most kids at one time or another had to deal with this. PAINFUL. UGH. This story broke my heart. I thought that the last little girl who committed suicide ... the one whose friend's mother was emailing her as if she were a boy ... talk about sick ... and she was aquitted. How wrong is that! By the way, I KNOW AMY FERRIS! She found my blog ... I posted a little blurb about her book and she left me a comment .... long story short, we email, she invited me to a booksigning in L.A. where I got to meet her. She's amazing. You MUST read her book. It will make you laugh out loud and cry at the same time.