Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo-Margarita Love

I had the most wonderful margarita over the weekend.  I'm not a margarita drinker, but this was an incredible cocktail.  I also liked that it was a margarita for grown folks-not all blender-ed up and rimmed in sugar, salt, or sugary salt.  I questioned the bartender,  did a bit of research, learned a little something, and got quite tipsy in the process. 

Use a tequila that's 100% agave.  What does that mean?

aga·ve definition

Pronunciation: /ə-ˈgäv-ē/
Function: n
1 cap : a genus of plants (family Agavaceae) that are native to tropical America and to the southwestern United States, have spiny-margined leaves in basal rosettes and tall spikes of flowers, and include some that are cultivated for their fiber or sap or for ornamen  

The bartender used the recipe borrowed from Gaston Martinez, a "brand ambassador" for Milagro Tequila.  I've reprinted his recipe  below for the "World's Freshest Margarita":

Always use fresh lime juice.
Use agave nectar as your sweetener.
Water is a key ingredient in a good margarita-shake well so some of the ice will melt.
Always pour your margarita over fresh ice.

2oz tequila (Gaston suggests Milagro Silver tequila)
1 oz Agave Nectar (Milagro also makes this)
1 oz Lime Juice
Served in a Rocks Glass
Garnished with a Lime Wheel


  1., you got serious about that Margarita huh? I fancy a midori one once in a while but I'm not much of a margarita gal either. Have a bueno 5th my friend.


  2. GIRL! I LOVE ME MY MARGARITAS! When you get a GOOD one you KNOW IT. My husband makes a fantastic Margarita ... you gotta come over sometime for a drink and some dish LOL!


  3. Thank you for your support and comments. This Margarita looks divine.