Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rae-Ripperton Connection

Corrine Bailey Rae performing Closer reminds me of:

Minnie Ripperton.
She died one month after this performance in July 1979 (below) from breast cancer.
Cut for cut-her last album, Minnie, was incredible and the cover was beautiful.
It didn't quite sink in with me that you COULD really die young until Minnie passed away.
She was 31.


Anyway, when I mentioned that I could hear Minnie in Corrine to C.T.-my go to guy for all musical insight, he sent me this and it confirmed how good my ear really is (smile)-Minnie was an influence.  Enjoy her. 

Memory Lane:


  1. Did you know that SNL's Maya Rudolph is Minnie's daughter? I agree Minnie had an exceptional voice...she is missed. I too love Corrine Bailey Rae..not only do I love her voice, I love her style and phrasing...sounds like we have the same taste in music...


    right now I'm listening to "all this love" by el debarge and today I was into AWB...all day!

  2. i love corrine bailey rae, her music and her style. although i've heard some tunes from minnie riperton i never thought to delve further into her catalog. thanks for putting me on!