Sunday, May 2, 2010

Obama Style: White House Correspondents Dinner

Photo:  Reuters

Photo:  Getty Images

Michelle Obama is lovely in a red jersey Prabal Gurung.

Her earrings are made of jade and diamonds and her cuff, gold and diamonds.  Both pieces are by Bochic.

Mrs. Obama's date looked pretty good too and he was hilarious last night.  Did you see him?

 Photo:  Getty Images

I love the Obamas. 


  1. Hello! I love the Obamas, too. :-)

    Our First Lady was beautiful! Her skin was just glowing! I wonder what type of lotion/cream she uses to get her skin so radiant.

    BTW, cool blog!

  2. NOOOO! I DIDN'T SEE IT! What channel was it on? Michelle always looks FABULOUS, love the hair, love the make-up, love everything. And Barak ... please ... all that man has to do is smile and I'm gone ...

    Debbie Obama