Monday, May 24, 2010

Motown Monday

The year is 1969 and this album marked the beginning of a life long love affair with Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five.  My sister "let me have" Michael because we were closer in age and she "took" Jermaine because he was older and she thought he was finer.  We loved it all, the moves, the fashions, the afros, the smiles-I mean I Want You Back first came out on 45 and we loved the flip side just as much as the original single.  How cool was it that such a young boy sing so knowingly about the pain of love?  It was called Who's Lovin You and it remains one of my favorites.


  1. WOW! I was a Jermaine kinda gal...even when we went My favorite Jackson 5 song...Stop, the love you save. Oh the memories~ Now that I'm a grown ass's Maxwell...yummo!


  2. I KNOW! Michael Jackson put more soul into Who's Loving You than a 40 year old man LOL! So many Jackson 5 tunes that I loved ... Looking Through the Windows, Got to Be There, Never Can Say Goobye ... AWWWWWW takes me right back to North Park Jr. High LOL!