Monday, May 3, 2010

Get Togetha Giveaway-I Won!!!

This is right up my 60's-70's Alley isn't it?

Bad Bish
In the name of baaaaaad chica’s Get Togetha brings you this rockin larger than life Afro decal sponsored by my design friend Lauren of Ten 23 Designs. Psssh. How sizzling hot is this decal? It’s the perfect decor accessory to give your walls a signature “come hither” look. So you know what to do right? Pay a visit to Lauren’s lovely site and leave a comment in the box for a chance to win. Looking forward to your comments. 

*Comments closed/Winner is Diva Mom/Thanks to all who entered!

Get Togetha (GT),  is a really fresh design-decor-lifestyle blog that I have been loving for a while now.  There's even a little conversation that goes on over there from time to time.  Check out GT and THANK YOU for the wall decal.  It's me to a tee!

Ten 23 Designs create wonderful graphics that adorn decor to enhance any room or event venue.  You'd be surprised at what one of these designs can do to a room.  Check them out and thank you too!

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